Friday, 30 March 2018

Friday I'm in love

There's a theory the music you love the most will be what you listened to in your early teens. I have my own theories as to why this might be, but if a tune truly gets under the skin of your ears age is immaterial. It was Telstar when I was four, and Friday I'm in Love when I was thirty four and I only have to think of the latter and I smile. Thank you Robert & Co!

As for hospital, I'd not forgotten the beds I find so uncomfortable, the food I find so unappealing, the noise and light and smells and people and attitudes I find so hard to be around (and not to sound off about!)...but I had forgotten how wonderful it is to have someone else bring you a cup of tea and a slice of toast in the morning, to whisk away the accoutrements of the urologically challenged, and while you relax and enjoy,  to generally run the world for a bit! It is extremely pleasant for a change but I do give thanks I don't really need this physically, nor psychologically...

There were patients around me talking about how much they enjoy the social life of the ward compared to their solitary poor soul with a terrible cough saying 'If I gave up smoking what would I have?' Sure I get a little lonesome sometimes, and yes it would have been nice to have had a life with a lot more love and good fortune, but I give thanks for the reminder how blessed I have been not to have felt the need to make a friend out of ill health nor to consider it an interesting personal feature, to have a mind that can occupy itself (and hands when they are working too!)

I give thanks to Laura for bringing me home, setting me up with some open cans and sachets and settling me down with a hot water bottle. My TV box failed to record several things I'd looked forward to catching up with apart from the breast cancer awareness Full Monty Ladies Night, with Ashley Banjo showing some remarkable ladies how to find and celebrate their own unique beauty, bravery and loveableness. They'd all 'been through so much' as the saying goes, and it dawned on me I have too... and some more... and I am! Though I've failed to succeed at a whole host of stuff we're brought up to believe you should, I am actually pretty damn awesome in several ways of my own!

I give thanks for a long nap...and yes, I'm still buzzing ;-)

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