Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Una paloma blanca

Well, here I was, just wondering what to write and a white headed pigeon started playing peek-a-boo on the windowsill. I give thanks for it making me laugh, though also feel rather guilty as from the way it kept peering in I was sure it wanted something. It flew off when I tried to take a photo... But not far as you can see!

I give thanks for a Bill Bryson book making me laugh too, and the first episode of the Bake Off cancer thing... Though the last part of that also made me cry.

I give thanks for a busy day catching up with on line and on the phone 'paperwork', household chores and some crafty things.... For sunshine warm enough to have a window open a while to help dry the laundry... And for feeling well and strong of course, to be able to get on with these things.

Though I was rather disappointed not to hear from the electrical shop that my new heater has come in, I was grateful the call I thought must be about that was the estate agent to book another viewer on Saturday...though this does mean I must find a place to show away the bits of the broken one.

I give thanks for surviving despite Tesco being broken too. Delivery slots are hard to come by and so many things I want are out of stock there's no point anyway. As long as they get it sorted so I'm sorted before my op, it'll be OK. There's a strong chance they may keep me in over night this time, and as they are starving me before hand, and the hospital renal 'friendly' diet is largely inedible, I shall be ravenous when I get home. Ooh, I've just realised: it's only because my whole arm will be numb and I'll thus be unable to attend to any personal needs, I won't be sick or bed ridden... I can pootle off to the cafeteria in a jiff and find some one set of fingers food. I have just heaved a very grateful sigh of relief!

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