Sunday, 25 March 2018

In the midnight hour

Went to bed early so I didn't miss the extra hour. I was grateful for not falling asleep quickly though as the day had one more little difficulty to present for which consciousness was preferable!

I give thanks for the intermittent sunshine today and that it's been a couple of degrees warmer. For trying to think of a song title with 'hour' in ans remembering some of the many times I've danced to many versions of the song above...

I give thanks for Mima taking me out for a scenic drive this afternoon. We were on a quest for pre birthday cake and tea for her, but the first place we went was way too full of people...and the second pretty much deserted apart from a nice man also on an unsuccessful mission for refreshment. One has to give thanks for Costa sometimes...

I give thanks for seeing lots of active interactive families at play, and hearing of another couple getting engaged. Isn't splendid that some folk seem to be able to get life right?

For those who don't isn't splendid when they find solace in creativity rather than excessive use of things that probably do them more harm than the good they seem to? I give thanks for cutting out a pile of squares for patchwork. I didn't have quite enough of one fabric, crucial to the design...and no longer obtainable. But I have just enough to piece together a final square from scraps. Well, it is patchwork after all...

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