Monday, 19 March 2018

All right now

Like most folk, I suspect, most of my plans for today were scuppered...I give thanks most of them were of no consequence to anyone but myself!

I give thanks for a long lie in while I waited for my aches to subside and tried to work out what could be salvaged from the schedule - as far as I know I'm still booked in for surgery on Thursday so there was plenty I wanted to get done before I can't for a while. When I finally hit the kitchen for a cuppa there was a rather garbled message telling me my appointment at clinic was cancelled today... Which was a great relief as I didn't know I had one! The number was withheld and with there being no letter I didn't know who to ring and say 'Que?' but it sounded like maybe a follow up for my op in January which seems a bit of a wires crossed waste of time anyway and which I would have politely declined if I'd had a chance to...

I give thanks a lot of the snow has melted, delightfully pretty though it was. I wondered about braving the great outdoors but it would have been frustrating if I made it to places and they were shut. I give thanks that nothing was urgently required, including answers to some questions. For the practice in patience and letting go of needing to 'know'...I always require more of those!

It's still too treacherous for driving after dark thus no acupuncture again, so I give thanks for feeling well... And, as I ate an enormous and very late lunch, that I don't have to think about dinner...

Um... I give thanks for Tesco bake your own olive bread. You just splash some water on the top, bung it in the oven for a few mins... and try not to scoff the lot! Now I've thought of it I might have to scoff some more...

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