Thursday, 8 March 2018

Stayin' alive

What a difference a week makes eh? I give thanks for the glorious spring weather! True, it was still a tad nippy today, but there's some real warmth in the sun...if you're out of the and and have a cosy hat and scarf and gloves

I give thanks for going out and going about my chores with a good heart. My joints are a bit sore and I get a bit tired carrying heavy shopping around, but I'm aware there's a lot to be grateful for in just being able to attend to one's own day to day business. I give thanks for a takeaway tea to sit on the beach with and rest, and a jolly cab driver to bring me back up the hill.

I give thanks for making my home in such a friendly and attractive spot. I've made some dumbass life choices over the years but moving to this town was as right for me as right can be!

I give thanks for having a go at making some chickpea burgers. The recipe needs some work to bring to perfection but I had seconds so they can't be that bad... And I give thanks for trying the blender pot/blade part of the mini food processor I bought in January, and finding it not only unusually easy to assemble, use, take apart and wash up, but unusually effective at the bzzhhhing in between too!  I am very impressed and pleased...

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