Friday, 2 March 2018


OK, poetic licence, it's snow...but it's white, expensive and running all around our brains!

And while we're thinking about drugs I give thanks I'm stocked up with my various medications and surgical supplies. Though earlier in the week I'd planned to go out today I give thanks I didn't have to - it's enough of a struggle keeping warm enough indoors and it would be way too treacherous under foot for me.

I give thanks we've not had a power cut and that my sink is draining now. For having all manner of food and drink about the place, and various kinds of hot water for bottles and baths and cups of tea. For copious quantities of recorded TV - I've been spending a lot of time in Scandinavia with the howling wind outside giving an extra dimension to the soundtrack.

I give thanks for the internet to talk to people now and then. For making myself get off my proverbial and do a few household chores. Honestly, I would be quite happy just to eat and sleep til spring...especially if the eating includes more of the lush bread and butter pudding I just made with scraps and crusts from the freezer!

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