Thursday, 24 May 2018

9 to 5

I give thanks for an evening doing almost pretty much that was pretty much what was required. For the immediate neighbours being out so I drift into sleep feeling peaceful and least until 4 am when urological matters rudely awakened me!

I give thanks for washing machines and waterproof sheeting, for no one else having to deal with it but me... and that I'd already scheduled a morning of rest!

Unfortunately not everyone else had read the memo and everything and a half has been going on today, so I give thanks for somehow managing to stay awake and more or less functioning through the complicated coveyancing convolutions and various peripheral but connected matters including trying to wrestle some of my own money out out of a savings company, and trying to find someone who will wrestle my old bed/sofa out of the flat and pay me for the privilege! Honestly I swear I did less office work when I worked in an office!

I give thanks for the helpful BT engineer who fixed my phone wires so the line doesn't go dead every time they fix someone else's nearby. Allegedly...

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