Thursday, 10 May 2018

Homeward bound

I give thanks for a safe smooth journey swift as it could be too, despite all the slow 'stopping'  trains that had to be used.

We had to leave the apartment by 10 so I give thanks for the mild sunny morning to amble our way to the station, via a beach cafe...

I give thanks for the stunning scenery of the bays and coves, lost to the mist when we arrived.

For a forage in Waitrose for lunch, a cab up the hill and a much needed nap to restore my strength in time to make our supper..

For the slanting rays of the setting sun in the kitchen as I cooked. Poor Jan, bit of a come down for her after all the gourmet meals, but I give thanks for producing main, side and dessert in time to slump in front of the TV...

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