Thursday, 3 May 2018

There's a kind of hush

I give thanks for my new fridge freezer...and for the chaps from Woolacotts doing just what they say on the tin! The best delivery and disposal service at the best price and a local family firm as well! And with all the stairs, I'm sure they are very grateful I've now replaced all my white goods too...

I give thanks for getting everything done in preparation for their arrival with time to have a much needed nap. It's been a busy couple of weeks and I keep waking up much too early to ponder upon it all.

I give thanks for assembling a quick lunch from defrosting foods after reassmbling the kitchen, and for lolling a while on the sofa. For none of the phone calls I was expecting breaking the spell, and for none of the forms I thought I might have to fill in arriving in the post. For news of a special order pair of earrings though, and a new to me book from Ann.

I give thanks for all the neighbours being out (or in!) to make the rest of the afternoon extra strimmers, mowers, extractor fans, shouting at pigeons etc. In fact it was so peaceful I managed to do some more snoring practice for later!

Right, it's time for the big switch on! Couldn't get a celebrity so it will have to be me...

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