Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Oh happy day!

I give thanks for a lovely day. The weather's been a bit meh but I didn't want to go out anywhere so I gave thanks for that too... What I did want to do was a lot of nothing much in particular - idling on the internet, playing games, reading books, watching TV, a long bath and a smidge of sewing. You might think living like this would be a perk of being permanently peaky but I must be doing it wrong because it doesn't actually happen that often at all. Anyway, I give thanks for managing a good few hours of restful relaxation today...and discovering 'intelligent time wasting' while I was at it!

I give thanks, when the urge to be productive grew too much, for doing a few vaguely moving related tasks. One of them was clearing out a storage drawer in the bed in the living room...and guess what I found! It had been a place I could see there was a remote chance the remote control might have snuck off to, and I'd looked in there...several times...but I guess it wasn't until the drawer was empty that it had nowhere left to hide! Oh, the gratitude and joy of no longer having to adjust the TV volume with a button on the back of the set!

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