Sunday, 20 May 2018

All you need is love

Lately I keep dreaming that I've 'met' someone. I give thanks my conscious mind accepts with good grace romance is just another of life's boats sailing away without me, and in fact there are distinct advantages to not being aboard, but I do wake a little wistful... I give thanks for remembering all the different kinds of love there are, and that though may not have experienced receiving much in any of the expected ways somehow I always seem to have plenty to give away.

I give thanks for loving a BBC4 documentary with some old guys reminiscing - old guys who were pilots and then astronauts when they were young!  I've mixed feelings about the money and man hours that have gone into space programmes and advancing aviation technology especially as they are so closely allied to developing weapons of war, but the the speed and danger are thrilling,  the valiance of human endeavour so poignant...and it's all so beautiful out there!   Great vintage footage and stills set against the current appearance of hardware and staff,  and a thoughtful and rather moving narration by those who were there. Good music too...

Today I've been giving thanks it's been cloudy - it's effort enough getting out of bed sometimes, let alone out of the building! I give thanks for changing the sheets and turning the mattress ready to get back in for a siesta...

I give thanks for remembering the song, watching it recorded live on the first satellite TV programme 'Our World' with segments from various linked up countries...and then spending my pocket money on my first single. My mother was sniffy about the lyrics, bless her. Poor woman, she was sniffy about so many things. All you need is love... All together now!

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