Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Stuck in the middle with you

Sometimes I choose a post title and then the day just seems to fit! Last night I spread out the completed parts of my patchwork to try to decide how to do the middle block, and of course Gerry Rafferty and friends popped into my head. Meanwhile, I give thanks I think it's looking pretty good and I've a plan for how to at least begin the end!

I give thanks for a pleasant couple of hours with Rachel, a passable meal from Mr Tesco, a helpful treatment...and all the washing up done while it took its course!

I give thanks for another hussly bustly day all manner of areas (might as well get as much done while I can) and for taking time to loiter in the sun in Mima's courtyard, and later on the seafront with a Booja Booja ice cream when my shopping bag needed putting down.

On my return I give thanks for dealing with two crabby messages from two different estate agents about by being rather crabby back, pointing out the fault lies with the solicitor, not me, and insisting someone else had bettes sort it out or else! It takes a lot to get me riled these days, and I wasn't really cross, but I give thanks it seems I can still do a damn fine impression of it when it seems that's the only way to get results.

I give thanks I've made a fresh batch if that delicious granola for my breakfast, and managed to cobble together some tea for tonight before my muscles and joints twigged just what I have put them through and responded by putting me through spasms and pain. I give thanks I've a lot of recorded TV and lying down to catch up with...

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