Thursday, 31 May 2018

Praise you

We've come a long long way together, my renal consultant and I... I give humble thanks for her medical expertise of course, but also her repeated willingness to listen and assist where possible in making accommodating kidney failure as problem free for me personally as possible. Within the confines of the Western hospital system she really seems to try to treat the patient as well as the disease. I am blessed! I also give thanks for having a laugh with her, and the patient souls in the blood room too. Imagine how boring their days must be!

I give thanks for my life being anything but boring, always more challenges coming my way. The first one today was getting out of bed after losing much sleep to pain...and still having plenty of it to wake up to. I give thanks for only needing a short shift 'in the office' before Julie arrived and I could help her eat the vegan cake. Gold star for Carole's (there's not much call for it) Cupcakes - I would call it really good! It was also good to see Julie too, and to no longer see a large pile of items no longer required.

I give thanks for a lift to the station, and the slow packed journey to and through the city being ameliorated by the Imee Ooi's Om Mani Padme a young classical violinist busking for a masterclass (allegedly). For seeing gay couples holding hands without fear or shame... and for giving in to a couple of treats from the wonderful wholefood store by the station. It's lucky I usually only go there on the way to the hospital as limitations of carriage stop me from pushing the limitations of my diet too far... 
I give thanks for Norman Cook becoming Fatboy Slim and producing one of my all time favourite tunes...and helping keep me from falling asleep on the way home. I give Mr Tesco is making most of my tea, sometimes having an unusually hearty appetite for my kidney condition is a bit of a nuisance to the other ones I suffer from.

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