Thursday, 22 September 2011

Town Flat Rescue

Well, I've managed three or four of those short shifts and basic domestic chores but have been falling asleep in between all afternoon and evening missing a whole chunk of Ruth Watson being rather rude to landed gentry no doubt. In a way I wish I hadn't started the project but only as I don't know if I'll make it to the end. I want my flat to be delightfully marketable to sell quick and make some money for Bob. I feel like I've got so many things wrong in life but to be spending the end of it in such miserable isolation feels a very harsh punishment sometimes... Using the energy I have left to try to be useful is the only right path for someone with so few options I'm sure, so I'll carry on as long as I can. And as I hardly ever hear from him, and the executors have dropped out of touch as well, I must get off my bum and get my funeral sorted to save them the trouble of that too.

When I woke up from my last nap I gave up and came to bed. I'm very sad and low in spirits tonight (obviously - sorry!) It's hard to feel grateful for anything sometimes except that I don't have to try much longer. I've resolved not to bother any more rellies, it's bit thoughtless to put the poor souls on the spot. But I'll make a list of contacts for Bob in case he wants to some time.

(Lynn, just read your comment...I miss loads of people I hardly knew. Story of my bleeping life!)

I'm grateful that I've tried to be kind anyway...I feel better for it even if not always successful.


  1. Hugs Angel - very big hugs for you tonight.

    Sleep well and hopefully wake feeling a little better tomorrow
    'after every rainfall must come a rainbow'....


  2. I've just popped over from Carole's blog to offer a hug to you. Having read some of your blog (which is beautifully written by the way) it sounds like you could do with one - real or virtual - it doesn't really matter does it? Just know that someone out there who you've never met is thinking about you...
    Love, Shents x

  3. Hi Angel, Like shents, popped in from Carole's blog. Available to give hugs.
    Thinking of you, with agreat big snuggly huggly!

  4. Thinking of you so much right now, I can't possibly know how your feeling, would be wrong for me to even try, but with all these hugs being sent your way I hope it brings a little comfort,
    Hugs Lynn x

  5. Hi Angel
    Massive virtual hug from me.
    Really hope you feel a bit better today.

  6. Hi Angel,

    Just popping over to give you a great big fat cyber hug <<>> There guaranteed to make you feel better. Just checking in on another cyber bud who said you were in need of a hug....something we all do when one in our community sounds like they need one....

    By the way my name is Tony....I have inoperable (terminal some say but I find that word so sort of 'the end') If you fancy a read have a look at my makes long read but may be worth it....let me know?

  7. Hi Angel,

    Carole has made me aware of your blog.

    A very very big and warm virtual hug from me. Just know there are more people thinking of you than you may think.

    Much love

    Lamia xx


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